Welcome to my blog! I’m Alec (or sometimes Alex) Wright and I’m a mostly electronics hacker/maker. By day I work in power electronics for satellites.

Since I don’t like defining myself solely by my job, here are a few more of my interests: RF stuff, unix, both kinds of beer (real ale and belgian beer), cycling, cooking, digital rights and online privacy, hackerspaces, contact cleaner spray, thinkpads, photography, infrastructure, nintendo console gaming, lithium grease, urban exploration and good quality hand tools.
My disinterests include: gimmicky and pointless kickstarter projects, pseudoscience, airport security, disposable batteries, PHP, formalwear, mornings, nationalism, shoddily made power electronics, instant coffee, soldering down transistors before bolting them to a heatsink, people who seem to take personal offence at your decision to avoid eating meat, trusted computing, psychological pricing, most invertebrates and stilton.

On this blog I post mostly about the projects I do. My old blog, which isn’t going to be updated any more but hasn’t yet been archived, is here.

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